About the Author

Doreszell Cohen (DC), is a native of Jacksonville, FL. From 2002-2005, Doreszell worked as a “highly qualified” educator in Duval County Public Schools; wherein, she resisted institutional racism in the educational sector and resigned teaching in public schools. As a result of her resignation, the school board filed a claim with the State of Florida’s Department of Education which forced her to defend both her individual rights and professional integrity. Doreszell prevailed. The Commissioner of Education ruled in her favor; finding no probable cause to suspend or revoke her teaching certificate. As a “free and independent” professional educator, the mother of eight established a homeschool tutoring service, Mama D Academy.

In January 2012, Doreszell realized how “lack of knowledge” was part cause of disenfranchisement, marginalization, discrimination, and other conflicts between the powerful and the powerless, so she committed to the ideology of “Link-Up” which (1) connects people to the products and services they need, (2) help individuals and businesses make, monitor, meet, and measure their life and/or business goals through authentic Africentric coaching, and (3) collectively work on long-term problems that will create a more perfect America and global society for our future generations.

In August 2018, Doreszell moved to central Florida to homeschool, teach, and focus on her writing career.